Expired/Unused Medication & Sharps Drop-off

Expired or unused medications and sharps can now be dropped off at:

The Public Safety Building
1 Adelaide St (Lobby)

There is no charge and no questions will be asked.

Medicine Kiosk:

Dispose of the medicine in the original container into the kiosk (blackout your name and the prescription number) OR bring in the medicine in a clear plastic re-closeable bag.

What is collected?

  • Prescription Medicines
  • Over the counter medicines
  • Pet medications
  • Sample medications
  • Pills, capsules, inhalers, ointments, and/or patches (no Nicotine Patches)
  • Vitamins
  • Liquids in a glass or leak proof containers

What is NOT collected?

  • Epi-pens
  • Dental/Oral Antiseptics ˃ 24% alcohol
  • Humulin N
  • Sample medications
  • Lindane Shampoo
  • Nicotine Patches/Gum
  • Nitroglycerine
  • Thermometers
  • Bloody or infectious waste
  • Aerosols

NO medication from businesses or clinics will be accepted.


Sharps Disposal Kiosk:

Only up to 1.7 quart approved sharps containers are accepted here. 

  • The Sharps Kiosk is limited to “Home” sharps waste generated by Wilmington Residents (ONLY). No disposal for any person providing professional service in a residence
  • Store used sharps properly until disposal, do not place used or unused sharps in your household trash or recycling
  • Always use an approved sharps container preferably a one-quart or smaller filled no higher than the full line
  • No loose sharps, No glass, plastic or paper bags containing sharps
  • No Prescription or Non Prescription Medications at this kiosk
  • Epi-Pens CAN be disposed at THIS Kiosk but must be in an approved sharps container
  • Do not leave sharps containers outside or on top of the Kiosk

NO sharps from businesses or clinics will be accepted.