Notice of Upcoming Site Activities at New Town Hall School Administration Site

Dear residents, 

Please see the below update from the Construction Project Manager of our Town Hall School Administration Building about upcoming site activities. (Original attached with illustration)

June 27, 2024

Residents of Wilmington,

Consigli Construction would like to provide a project update focusing on the following activities:

Ledge Removal: The project uncovered that there is no existing ledge on the new building site. In lieu of ledge, large boulders were found. Over the next 1-2 weeks, you will hear these boulders being broken down with machinery and see them trucked offsite.

Site Excavation: Machinery will continue to excavate the site for foundation, site utilities, and prepare for concrete work to begin. You will see and hear machinery moving soil around the site to enable the building foundation scopes of work.

Utility Work: After the 4th of July events, please be aware that there will be utility work occurring across Middlesex Avenue and adjacent to the War Memorial in the center of the landscaped area between our site and the High School. Consigli will coordinate road closures and safety details with the Wilmington Police Department.

Concrete Work: Concrete foundations will begin in July and continue through the summer into the early fall. You will see additional equipment, manpower, and the beginning of the building footprint being established.

Chris Kavanaugh Consigli Construction, Project Manager