Town Hall - School Administration Building Project Update - Newsletter 4

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To the Residents of Wilmington,

In the weeks since our last informational newsletter, the Town Hall School Administration Building Committee has been working hard with the Design Team. Substantial progress has been made, with the final touches on the program being made. Finalizing the program is a big step, it means that all the spaces have been defined, and their square footage estimated and the Design Team can now put together the rooms. Fitting the rooms together is a bit like putting together a puzzle. The design team will make sure that related departments are close together, that shared spaces are easily accessible, ensuring the efficiency of the building. As this puzzle comes together, we get to see how the building design will also form.

So far during the design process, we have explored how many rooms will be needed, how much space in each of those rooms, access points and number of floors. Mundane considerations like how much room will be needed for deliveries, to more complex considerations such as how each department will work together within the building, are now main discussions of the Committee and the design team. The massing models that we discussed in Volume 3, are the result of the programming. We will now start to form a solid shape and size of a building as the design team works with the Building Committee to determine where each room goes.

In previous weeks, Johnson Roberts Associates have presented the Building Committee with an assortment of possible floor plans, with the Building Committee providing feedback of likes and dislikes. At the March 16 Building Committee Meeting, JRA presented a new scheme, Scheme E, that was the development of most of the likes and dislikes of previous options.

Coming up Next…

The Building Committee will continue to meet with the design team and start to incorporate more detailed requests for the building including energy efficiency, storage spaces, and meeting spaces.

The Committee will be providing a project update at the Annual Town Meeting on April 30, 2022.

For additional information, please visit the project page:

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Preliminary Architectural Rendering

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