Safety in the Work Place

Public Works - "The Silent Arm of Public Safety"
MIIA Dept of Excellence Award
MIIA's 2016 Individual Department of Excellence Award

The Wilmington DPW is dedicated to the safety of our employees by taking an active role in risk management and loss reduction in the workplace.  The department works closely with the town's insurance carrier MIIA (Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association) to discuss new and innovative ways to reduce risk, apply for eligible safety grants, analyze loss data, and provide a dynamic safety culture which encourages employee input.  

Ongoing training, safety tailgates, GIS based asset and liability tracking, and keeping up to speed with the latest trends in equipment have helped Wilmington DPW be recognized for its safety program.  The Department was the recipient of MIIA's 2016 Individual Department of Excellence Award, which was presented to the Town during the 2017 Mass Municipal Association Annual Meeting.  This award is a major accomplishment for both the DPW and the residents of the Town of Wilmington, as it shows a commitment to the health and safety of its workers and the success of the job at hand.

The American Public Works Association (APWA) has made a push in recent years to help recognize public works crews as the often overlooked "Silent Arm of Public Safety".  As such, our goal as first responders is to ensure a safe roadway network, public parks and grounds, and utility infrastructure for the town while upholding a commitment to DPW employees to get them home safe at the end of the work day.   The crown jewel of the Department is the dedicated working staff who exhibit professionalism, actively participate in trainings and safety briefings, and bring new ideas to improve our dynamic and always evolving operation.  The workers are, and always will be, the roots of our success.

Training  DPW Safety Tailgate

DPW Safety Training Sessions & Monthly Safety Tailgates

EHAT training 5-17-17  repel training

DPW Tree Division EHAT Training May 2017


Operations Supervisor Jerry Lawrenson Recognized as AAA Traffic Safety Hero

Wilmington DPW Operations Supervisor Jerry Lawrenson was recognized as AAA Traffic Safety Hero at the AAA annual Community Traffic Safety Awards Luncheon on December 16, 2016 for his continued efforts in assisting the Wilmington Police Department with traffic safety related matters.  The Wilmington DPW is extremely proud of Mr. Lawrenson and his continued hard work, cooperation with local officials, and dedication to public safety related DPW issues.