Fire Department


The Wilmington Fire Department is dedicated to the protection and preservation of life and property. We accomplish this mission through enforcement of codes, presentation of public programs, education, training and emergency response. We consider it a privilege to serve the residents and guests of the Town of Wilmington, Massachusetts.

In addition to their other duties, the fire department provides emergency medical services to the residents of Wilmington. All Firefighters are trained as Emergency Medical Technicians and are assigned to operate and render medical care on ambulances.

It is our attitude that through aggressive training, preparedness, and discipline we can provide the ultimate in protection for our citizens.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
William F. Cavanaugh Chief of Department 978-658-3346 x4010
Rebecca Sanderson Senior Clerk 978 658-3346 x4030
Lt. Matthew Tremblay Fire Prevention Officer 978-658-3346 x4100
Lauren Parisi Fire Prevention Senior Clerk 978-658-3346 x4040
Lt. William Herrick Operations/Training 978-658-3346 x4050
Christopher Pozzi Deputy Chief 978-658-3346 x4020