Health Department

Our Mission

The mission of the Health Division is to promote and protect the public health including the physical, mental, emotional and social wellness of all people.

About the Division

The Health Division encompasses all phases of health administration, including planning, evaluation, budgeting, enforcement and inspections. The Director of Public Health assumes primary responsibility for coordination among the various boards in permit granting and proper land use, specifically in the area of environmental protection issues (i.e. septic system design, wetlands pollution, water quality protection). The Director designs programs and implements policies as proposed by the Wilmington Board of Health to meet the health needs of the community.  The Director conducts inspections in matters dealing with the State Sanitary Code and the State Environmental Code. The Public Health Nurse is primarily responsible for all medical clinical administrative matters. The Clerk handles all administrative duties for the Department. The Board of Health consists of three volunteer members appointed by the Town Manager for staggered three-year terms.


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Septic Facts

    Staff Contacts

    Name Title
    Shelly Newhouse, R.S. Director of Public Health
    Traci Mello, R.N. Public Health Nurse
    Kim Mytych Senior Clerk

    Board of Health

    Name Title
    Elizabeth Sabounjian Chairman
    Dr. Jane Williams MD, MPH Vice Chairman
    Shelly Newhouse, R.S. Director
    Dr. Daniel King, DDS Member