Trash & Recycling

Residents are reminded to have their Trash and Recycling placed curbside by 6:30 am on their collection day.

Once trash and recycling have been collected, residents should pull their barrels off of the street. 

Russell Disposal Phone Numbers:

  • Missed Trash or Recycling Collection: (617) 776-5854
  • Order Additional Trash & Recycling Barrels: (617) 776-5127
  • Schedule a Bulk Item Pickup: (617) 776-5854

Holiday Collection:

No trash or recycling collections will be made on the following legal holidays:

            New Year's Day                                              Labor Day

            Martin Luther King Day                                 Columbus Day

            President's Day                                               Veteran's Day

            Patriot's Day                                                   Thanksgiving Day

            Memorial Day                                                 Christmas Day

            Independence Day

If the holidays listed occur on a weekday, collection shall be made the day following the scheduled pick-up for that week and any following collection days shall be similarly adjusted.  For example, if a holiday falls on a Friday, the fifth day of collection will be Saturday.  As a further example, if a holiday falls on a Monday, Monday's collection will be made on Tuesday; etc.

Recycling Bylaw Enforcement Begins July 1, 2012

As a reminder, participation in Wilmington's recycling program is mandatory under the Town's current "Recycling By-Law" which is included in the "By-laws of the Inhabitants of the Town of Wilmington, Revised", Chapter 5, Section 2A. The by-law states in part:

"...residents of every household are required to separate recyclable material from the solid waste stream...Failure to separate recyclable material from the solid waste stream may result in failure of the solid waste collection contractor to collect solid waste from the residence which violates this By-Law."

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Joseph Lobao Business and Utility Manager
Jamie Magaldi, PE, MCA Operations Manager/Tree Warden
Michael J. Woods Public Works Director