Wildwood School Building Project: Community Update May 2024

Dear Wilmington Friends & Neighbors,

The Wildwood School Building Project reached an important milestone at the end of April as the Wildwood School Building Committee (WSBC) narrowed the many options to a few. The WSBC, made of WPS staff, parents/guardians, and elected officials from the School Committee, Select Board, and Finance Committee, advanced a short list of options to the MSBA for further exploration.

The MSBA requires our project to narrow this list down to one (1) preferred option by the end of August – a short four months from now.

We have a brief informational video (found here) that will provide you with information on the following:

·  MSBA process

·  Physical building repair needs of the Wildwood, Woburn Street & North Intermediate School

·  Educational needs of our community

·  MSBA timeline

For all additional information about the Wildwood Building Project, please visit the project page at https://www.wpsk12.com/our_district/facilities/school_building_projects/wildwood_building_project

This project holds the potential to impact far more than only our Wildwood students, staff and families – our community’s decision on this project holds the potential to impact all of our elementary schools throughout the Town for decades to come.

Best Regards,

Glenn Brand, Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools & Chair Wildwood School Building Committee