Wilmington Substance Abuse Coalition

Mission Statement

The Wilmington Substance Abuse Coalition will address the rising problem of substance abuse in our community as an effort to promote healthy and responsible behavior and provide information on skills for better decision making as it relates to substance use.  The focus of the Wilmington Substance Abuse Coalition is to prevent and reduce harmful or illicit substance abuse within our community through strategies and activities of the Coalition.


30pm Room B204

Tewksbury Community Drop-In Center

Books related to Substance Use disorders


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Staff Contacts

Coalition Members


Town Manager

Michael Begonis

Wilmington Police Chief

Wilmington Fire Chief

Director of Veterans' Services

Director of Public Health

Director of Elder Services

Doreen Crowe

School Nurse Leader

Alice Brown-LeGrand

Coordinator of Behavioral Health and Social Emotional Support

Lieutenant Brian Pupa

Wilmington Police Department

Don Purington

Department of Veterans' Services Team Leader

Jen Mason

Community Leader

Mary Giroux

Community Leader