Downloadable Permits & Fees

Animal Permit
Animal Permit

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Downloadable Permit ApplicationsFee
Animal Permit Application$40
Trench PermitNo fee
Food Establishment Application$200
Recreational Camp Application$100
Tobacco Application$200
Temporary Food Permit Application$25
Tanning Facility Application$100
Funeral Director License Application$100
Public Pool Application$100
Installers License Application$100
Pumper/Hauler License Application$100
Workers Comp. Insurance Affidavit 
Farmers Market Food Application $25
Road Opening Permit 
List of FeesFee
Permit for Collection, Transportation of Garbage$200
Sewage Hauler Permit per Truck$200
Installers Permit$100
Food Establishment Permit$200
Temporary Food Permit$25
Funeral Home Directors Permit$100
Permit to operate a Public or Semi Public Swimming Pool$100
Permit to operate Tanning Facilities$100
Permit to operate a Recreation Camp$100
Permit to practice Massage Therapy$50
Permit to operate a Massage Establishment$100
Permit to practice Body Art$50
Permit to operate a Body Art Establishment$100
Tobacco Sales Permit$200
Milk License$2
Permit to operate an Ice Rink$100
Permit to keep cats (more than six)$10
Permit to keep animals, renewal$40
Well Permit$50
Soil Testing (percolation test and/or deep hole witnessing$200
Disposal System Construction (Commercial)$500
Disposal System Construction (Residential)$250
Disposal System Construction (Upgrade or Repair)$100
Disposal System Construction (Renew or Resubmit)$50
Additional Septic System Re-inspection$25
Sub-Division Review$100
Housing Certificate of Compliance$50
Lead Pain Inspection$100
Animal Impound Fee$14/day
Variance from Regulations by the Board of Health$25