Dog Licenses

New Dogs

  • You can only license a new dog by mail or in person.  You cannot register a new dog online.
  • We are only able to license dogs if we have proof of a current rabies certificate.
  • Click here for a dog license application
  • If there is a reason that you cannot register your dog, please call our office before the due date.


New Dog Prices

Spayed or Neutered


Not Spayed or Neutered



Dog Registration Renewal

  •  We start to register dogs for the next year the first week of December
  •  You can renew your dog registration by mail, inperson, or online until June 1st.
  • To register your dog online from December 1, 2021 to June 1, 2022 Click here.
  •  If your dogs rabies vacination has expired we will need to see proof of the new vacination.
  • If you would like to email a picture of your rabies certificate click here-

Renewal Dog Prices


January 1st- March 31st

March 31st – May 31st

June 1st- December 31st

Spayed or Neutered



$25.00 +1 $50.00 fine per household

Not Spayed or Neutered



$30.00 + 1 $50.00 fine per household

                                                               If you have any questions please call us (978)658-2030.

* Please call us if you no longer have your registered dog or if you move out of town.*

*Dog License Renewals are due by March 31, 2021 after which late fees will be assessed.* 

* Fines are mailed starting June 1st.*

*Dogs that are new do not have late fee's*