Public Records Information

Public Records Request Form

Pursuant to Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 66, Section 10 Public Records Access, Revised January 4, 2017, the Town of Wilmington has four (4) Records Access Officers.

Chief, Records Access Officer:   Sharon George, Town Clerk, for all town departments, DPW,
121 Glen Road, Wilmington  978-658-2030

Records Access Officer, Deputy Chief, Robert Richter, for all Police related requests
1 Adelaide Street, Wilmington   978-658-5071

Records Access Officer, Chief, Richard McClellan, for all Fire related requests
1 Adelaide Street, Wilmington   978-658-3346

Records Access Officer, Jacqui Raffi, for all School related requests
161 Church St., Roman House, School Administration Building, Wilmington  978-694-6000

If you have any questions, please call the Town Clerk's office at 978-658-2030.