Sidewalk Plowing Operation

Wilmington's sidewalk v-plow

Town crews will plow sidewalks along central routes that are heavily traveled by children on their way to and from school. These sidewalks are not plowed until all road clearing operations are completed.

After small intensity storms, sidewalks are often plowed using the V-plows.  The V-plows allow for quick clearing of sidewalks as they push the snow to both sides of the walks.  Depending on the amount of snow, this will sometimes drag snow back into cleared driveway openings and make “rough openings” allowing for reasonable pedestrian travel.  We apologize for this inconvenience, however using the V-plows is the most efficient way to open up the walkways to reasonable standards in a quick fashion.

After large scale storms where significant snow is experienced, the V-plows are not productive and the DPW must deploy the slower snow blowers.  The blowers do a much neater job, but take much longer to complete the route – sometimes as much as 5 days to complete the same route completed in 1 day with the V-plows.  Please be patient during these types of events, as we will clear the sidewalks as quickly as possible while respecting the maintenance requirements of the equipment and the safety of our operators.

Business owners are responsible by Town Bylaw to keep the sidewalks adjoining the premises clear of snow and ice.